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Ken Niumatalolo – Head Coach, Navy

Continuing on the Army, Navy theme, the guest of today’s episode is Coach Ken Niumatalolo.  Niumatalolo is the head coach of the United States Naval Academy and the winningest coach in Navy history. I could continue to go on about Coach’s accolades, but thought it’d be best to briefly tell you about my experience the day I visited.  Being that it was a few days before camp, the offices were super busy…recruits, coaching meetings, players in and out, admin work etc.  I remember out of respect to the program telling the staff I’ll gladly sit and wait for the right time, but Coach Ken wasn’t for it.  He cleared his schedule, held off meetings and made me feel comfortable right away. He was mesmerized by my equipment, proud of my operation, and happy I was pursuing a passion and love. In many offices, I may only be allowed 10-15 mins, this wasn’t the case in Coach Ken’s. He told me to take my time, and that the moment was all mine. He listened, he told stories, he appreciated what I was doing and told me to never stop. On top of it all, about 2 weeks post pod I’ll never forget the letter I received in the mail. It was from Coach Niumatalolo thanking me for coming, wishing me luck, and making me a part of the Navy Family. One word to explain this man = special! The definition of a true gentleman, leader, and role model. Thank you Coach!

Brent Davis – Offensive Coordinator, Army

The guest of today’s episode is Coach Brent Davis. Davis is the offensive coordinator at Army and in his sixth season. Under Davis, the Black Knights have had a top offense in the country year in and year out, and won the rushing title in 2017 averaging 326 yards per game scoring 50 touchdowns. Having coached at Georgia Southern and VMI, Coach Davis is one of the best to run the triple option offense. Davis and his offenses have been identified as power running football teams with some of the best up front blocking schemes one will see on film.

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