Steve Ellis – DB’s Coach University of South Florida

The guest of today’s episode is Coach Steve Ellis. Ellis is the DB’s coach at The University of South Florida. Prior to USF, he spent 10 seasons at Middle Tennessee State and before that, Nichols State. Coach Ellis is a maser at developing talent. Having coached some of the NFL bests such as Lardarius Webb and Kevin Byard.

But what struck me the most about Coach Ellis is his passion. I’ll tell you why. Normally when I interact and reach out to a coach, I send him my questions and discuss topics I’d like to cover while being on the pod. Most of them say, “Great, can’t wait to do it, see you soon.” Not Ellis.  When I sent him my questions, he responded with 28 different topics where he fine tuned mine and made other suggestions of what he’d like to discuss. That show you how diligent of a man Ellis is and how much he cares about his profession. Ellis came into the podcast with his notes out and ready to go. Coach, I really appreciate that – thank you.

Coach Ellis and I now talk weekly, sometimes even daily. And most importantly, all the coaches I speak with who know Coach all say the same thing. Ellis is the flat out man. He’s the master at his craft and one of the best DB and defensive coaches around.

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