Matt Shadeed – Head Strength Coach UMass Football

Matt Shadeed, head strength coach of UMASS Football. Coach Shadeed has previously coached at Baylor, Arkansas State, Ole Miss, and Southern Miss and has spent a good portion of his career with head coach – Walt Bell.

When visiting UMASS and spending the day with Shadeed, I was amazed by his energy. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. I asked him about it on the pod you’ll find interesting.

One of the biggest hires for a head football coach is the strength coach. The strength coach is the glue of the program, the one person who is around the players the most, whether it be during season or the off season. He is responsible for transforming an 18 year old freshman boy into a 22 – 23 year old senior man.  This is why the strength coach is also one of the highest paid coaches on a staff…..they are THAT important.

It was evident the level of respect the UMASS players have for Coach Shadeed. They look up to him, they workout and have fun with him, they rally around him. Walt Bell made a great hire here, and it’s going to be fun to watch Bell and Shadeed build the UMASS program brick by brick to prominence.

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